Photo:: The late W. Richard Goat, Shoreham Village resident and U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant, addresses his sailors shipboard while underway in World War II.

Honoring our Shoreham Village Veterans: Shoreham Village has always treasured and honored its Veterans and current active duty servicemen and servicewomen-- nearly 200 through our history. On Sunday, November 10, 2019, the Village honored all its Veterans with the dedication of a commemorative plaque co-sponsored by the Village of Shoreham, The Shoreham Village Association and the Shoreham Country Club. Thank you to the residents and Veterans of Shoreham Village, and through the generous support of Shoreham Village residents, Veterans and their familier.

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Tell us About a Shoreham Village Veteran (for the Shoreham Village Veterans Project and Commemorative Plaque)


Additional Shoreham Village Veterans events and initiatives

Kayaking all the way across Long Island Sound in support of the War Writers' Campaign:

Summer 2015: Veterans and Shorehamites arrive at Shoreham Village beach after kayaking 20 miles from Connecticut. Additional Sound-crossings have been accomplished in subsequent years.


Below: Shoreham Village Centennial Memorial Day Reception (2013) honoring decorated World War II veteran Ernest T. "Bud" Siegel and all Shoreham Village veterans.

Bud Siegel


The late Bud Siegel with Village resident, Tom Spier, who leads the Shoreham Village Veterans project.

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