The Village of Shoreham has a rich tradition of community-wide participation in many sports, none moreso than tennis, which dates back to the earliest days of the Village. In addition to recreational tennis for all ages, tennis lessons and intra-community tournaments and championship cups, the annual Labor Day weekend Shoreham-Wading River tournament, dating back to 1924, is renowed as one of the oldest, uninterrupted inter-community competition of its type.

This page has links to excellent histories of Shoreham tennis and results through the years thanks to JOHN BATES, Shoreham's "Dean of Tennis", and one of its winningest tennis champs through the decades.


Historical Tennis Tournament History and Results

The Shoreham Wading River (SWR) Annual Tennis Tournament (1924-present)

-llustrated Histories

--The Early Years by the late Wes Oliver with suggestions by Tom Adams, Ed Wattecamps & John Bates

--Men's Tournament 1964-1993 by Tom Adams

--Women's Tournament (author unknown)

--Shoreham Wading River Tournament Tennis 1924-1994 Seventieth Anniversary booklet-Wes Oliver, Editor.

------ CAUTION: This booklet is a very large (37 MB) file-- will take a long time to download.

Shoreham Village Tennis Tournament Results

-Men's Singles Adams Handle Cup Winners (1958-2019)

-Women's Singles Bates Cup Winners (1967-2019)

-Women's Doubles Connolly Cup Winners (1978-2019)

-Mixed Doubles Lamantia Cup Winners (1982-2019)

-Men's Doubles McCrystal Cup Winners (1975-2018)

-Summary Shoreham Tennis Tournament Results (2017- 2019)

Shoreham Village Platform Tennis Tournament Results

-Men's Doubles Goat Cup (1980-2017)

--Photo Highlights of 2000-2001 competition

-Women's Pijacki-Melius Cup (1997-2017)

--Photo Highlights of past competitions

-Shoreham-Wading River Tennis Tournament--Results and Detailed Scores (1924-2019)

--Year-by-Year Summary Results and Overall Wins for Each Team

--Year-by-Year Detailed Scores (1994-2019)

-Shoreham and Wading River Players' Rosters

--Men's Tournament Roster (1924-2000)

--Women's Tournament Roster (1979-2000)


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