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Dear Shorehamites and Friends,


It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to the many planned events in celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of the Village of Shoreham in 1913.

Our Centennial Celebration Committee, under the leadership of our co-chairs Kay Spier and Mimi Oberdorf, developed a series of events designed to exhibit the many interests and organizations that have defined the Shoreham culture over these past years.

This yearlong celebration will focus, and rightly so, on our forbearers – those who established not only the municipal Village, but also the many traditions that persist today.  However, equally important, and implicit in these celebrations, is an acknowledgment of appreciation of you, our current residents who, through your dedication and hard work, maintain and improve upon those things that make life in Shoreham such an interesting and unique experience.

I hope you will participate in as many of these events as you can and that your experience will be both educational and fun.


Yours truly,


Roger Pijacki


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