Thomas P. Spier, Mayor

Dr. Mary Ann ("Mimi") Oberdorf, Village Historian


Shoreham's Proud Boating Tradition

Click HERE or on the above photo for an excellent history of the Shoreham Boat Club by Village Historian Mimi Oberdorf

Photo by Michael Madigan



For a small place, Shoreham Village has a rich history. Developed in the early 1900's as a summer community and incorporated in 1913, it was and is home to many interesting and prominent people. Its institutions, including the Shoreham Country Club, the Shoreham Garden Club, and The Shoreham Village Association, each have interesting histories and have played an important role in Village life.





Shoreham Village History

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Written Histories of Shoreham Village

Shoreham Village Veterans Page/Tell Us about a Shoreham Village Veteran


Collections of Historic Photos

Shoreham Village in Words and Images


Fourth of July Photos and Videos

Our Sister Community, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey


Historical Shoreham Village Newspaper Collection

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Historic Maps


Historic Shoreham Village Videos

Tides-Sunrise & Sunset


Tennis History and Historical Scores

Eastern LI Sound Web Cam (Groton CT at mouth of Thames River) across from Orient Point LI


History of the Shoreham Boat Club

Community Organizations


More History

Comprehensive Plan (2015)



Written Shoreham Village Histories


A Short History of of Shoreham Village by Mervin G. Pallister, Village Historian 1972-1986


A History of the Incorporated Village of Shoreham by Mervin G. Pallister, Village Historian 1972-1986. (Complete 63 page text). Published July 4, 1976. This is the definitive history of Shoreham Village by the son of Claude V. Pallister, Shoreham Village's 1st President and a pivotal figure in the incorporation of the Village in 1913. Much of the early history of the Incorporated Village was witnessed first-hand by the author. It very well written and has some stunning illustrations. Many thanks to Mervin Pallister's daughter, Kathryn M. (Pallister) Spier for granting permission for its posting.


History of Shoreham by Mary Lou Abata (1979). This is an excellent history of Shoreham, its natural history and settlement, as well as the evolution of Shoreham Village and its institutions. The author is a long-time resident of Shoreham Village and a widely recognized educator and principal (retired) in the Shoreham-Wading River School District. This is a well-referenced, scholarly work, but it is also very well-written, readable and widely illustrated. Unfortunately, the original document cannot be located, so we had to scan an old photocopy of mediocre quality, resulting in some degradation of the illustrations. We will re-scan these when the original document is located. Many thanks to Ms. Abata for granting permission for the posting of her work here. NOTE: Requires Adobe Reader for viewing (can be downloaded free from Abata's complete History of Shoreham (3.4 Mb)


The Shoreham-Wading River Tennis Tournament-- a friendly annual rivalry since 1924.


A Brief History of the Shoreham Country Club, 2016, written on the occasion of its Centennial by Village Historian Mimi Oberdorf and Joe Falco (caution-- 5 MB file-- takes several minutes to load)


Biography of Capt. Melvin Baldwin, Civil War Veteran and Shoreham hero. He died saving Shoreham from a fierce brush fire in 1901.


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Historic Photo Collections


Postcards from Paradise-- Early 20th Century Shoreham in postcards-- the images and the words of delighted visitors to our paradise when it was brand-new! Courtesy, the Louise Bellport collection.

Postcards from Paradise Part 1xxxPostcards from Paradise Part 2


Shoreham, Long Island, A Book of Views, Shore Front Homes. Real estate book, early 1900's by the Shoreham Agency, 299 Madison Ave. New York, Power House Shoreham N.Y. and Shoreham Inn Shoreham, N.Y. Courtesy Lee Frei historic collection.

Shoreham, Long Island, N.Y. 1910 Photo Book by the Shoreham Agency, 11 Wall Street, New York, N.Y.

Early Views of the Shoreham Train Station, Tesla's Tower, and the Old Village

Some Views of Country Estates and Private Beach at Shoreham, North Shore, Long Island. This is a 1930's photo book by T.F. Kavanagh, a real estate agent who had offices in Shoreham and New York City.

Historic Postcards contributed by John Weiss


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4th of July Photos and Videos (most are posted on YouTube)

4th of July 1918, Original Club House ("Log Cabin") --note soldiers from Camp Upton in attendance.

Shoreham 4ths of July Thru the Years--Historical Photo Collection

Shoreham Centennial (2013) part 1 Shoreham Centennial (2013) part 2

4th of July 2017-- photo collection on Flickr by Celeste Desario (We apologize for any ads encountered while viewing the photos.)

4th of July 2017 video by Judy Buyar and Celeste DeSario


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Historic Shoreham Village Newspaper Collections


Shoreham Village is fortunate to have had good writers and a tradition of local, generally seasonal newspapers that portray, often in a whimsical fashion, contemporary life in the Village, starting in the early 1930's. These publications include the Shoreham Stroller (1930-1931), the Shoreham Scribe (1934-1936), the Shoreham Sounder (1937-1939) and the Shoreham Item, which began in 1940 and continues to the present. Items through the years 1930-1945 have been scanned and posted. Follow this link to the newspapers collection.


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Historic Maps

1917 Interactive Map of Views-- Click here . Large Format 1917 Map of Shoreham (including footprints of homes and other structures-- from the Belcher Hyde Atlas). Camera icons have been added to show the location and perspective of historical photos linked to the map. You can also view historical photos of individual homes and structures by clicking on the ones marked with a green dot.


(Map courtesy of David Madigan and Village Historian Mimi Oberdorf.)


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Historic Videos (on YouTube)

1961 Dedication of Post Office on Woodville Road 1961 Dedication of the U.S. Post Office on Woodville Road, courtesy of former Shoreham resident John Banslaben, whose father shot the film. Ceremony includes Congressman Otis Pike, Mayor George Beatty and Postmistress Mary Bellport. Includes views of the Shoreham Store next door, which had previously housed the post office in a narrow alcove off the front porch of the store.


Hughes Family Home Movies at Shoreham 1930's-1940's. The Hughes' were a prominent family who summered in Shoreham in the 1920's-1940's and were very engaged in Village activities. Video's below are provided through the generosity of Elizabeth (Hughes) Murphy, whose father, the late Tom Hughes, spent summers as a child in Shoreham with his two brothers and parents, Harry and Helen. Film clips below are excerpts of the family home movies and were narrated by Tom around 2000, with questions and comments from Hughes family members.

Circa 1930 dance recital practice at the Hughes' home on Tower Hill Rd.

1930's Summer Fun on Shoreham Village Beach

ELIZABETH UPHAM, THE WOMAN WHO NAMED SHOREHAM "SHOREHAM." Until the death of Shoreham's original developer, James Warden, our Village was known as "Wardencliff." The Village's next wave of developers, Herbert Hapgood, H.B. Johnson and Richard D. Upham sought a new name. Upham's wife, Elizabeth, came up with the name "Shoreham" after Shoreham-by-Sea, England. (Obviously, the name stuck!!). This short circa 1940 early color video remarkably features Elizabeth Upham at the family estate, which later became the Briarcliff School.

Circa 1940 Crime "Drama" (13 min.) filmed at the Upham Estate (now the Briarcliff School) and waterfront Ledgemere Estate. Actors include estate owner Donald Upham and his wife Alix. We believe the opening scene was shot in the courtyard of the Upham coach house/garage, now a private residence. Locals will particularly enjoy a chase scene (at approx. 6:00 - 7:00 mins. into the video) that starts and ends on Briarcliff Rd., then apparently unpaved. Keep your eyes peeled at about 6:30 as the cars turn left onto North Country Road from Lower Cross (near corner of Briarcliff and North Country). As the cars turn, you will catch a fleeting glimpse of the Shoreham Train Station. Film is narrated by Tom Hughes and family members who comment as the film rolls.

Late 1940's Shoreham Village 4th of July parade, featuring members of many familiar Shoreham families, including the Beatty's, Oliver's and Frei's, to name a few.

1961 Dedication of Post Office on Woodville Road courtesy of former Shoreham resident John Banslaben, whose father shot the film-- excellent quality and color for such an old film. Film features Postmistress Mary Bellport, Mayor George Beatty and Congressman Otis Pike.

Opening Reception January 13, 2013-- Shoreham Village Centennial-- Exhibit of Historical Shoreham and Wading River photographs. (on Vimeo)

4th of July Celebration 2017 by Judy Buyar and Celeste DeSario

4th of July Ceremony 2021 by Brian Adams


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2013 Centennial Archive

Shoreham Village celebrated the Centennial of its incorporation in 2013. Click here to view schedules and photos of the many wonderful Centennial events as well as participants and other information.


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More History Items


Mayor Weiss' and Mayor Vail's Presentations to the Village (2014-2019)

Shoreham Village Newsletters 2007-2014


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- a beautiful short film by Judy Buyar and Celeste DeSario that really captures the spirit and emotion of our extraordinary annual celebration of our wonderful community and its residents past & present.





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